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Meri Englund | Helsinki Espoo | Teaching


“As a teacher, I want to help develop my students’ special strengths and reach their personal best.”

Supporting historically informed performance

Meri is a supportive teacher with an encouraging, contagiously positive attitude. Her expertise lies in helping students prepare for landmark occasions, such as competitions, auditions, or important concerts.

She believes in discovering each student’s unique talents and finding the best ways to help them flourish. Historical perspective plays a vital part in Meri’s teaching, as it gives musicians an understanding of musical periods and their role in interpretation. Her concertmaster background has given her an extensive knowledge of orchestral literature, and she is happy to help students in studying orchestral parts and scores. Besides teaching individuals, she mentors chamber music ensembles.

Mindfulness makes a performance

Meri sees visualisation and mindfulness as immensely useful tools to create a relaxed, focused performance, and for overcoming performance anxiety. As an experienced performer, she continually employs these methods in her work.

Photos by Maarit Kytöharju

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